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Apple Can’t Wait For Bureaucracy

AirPort ExtremeThe new Airport Extreme is something that all schools who are using wireless networks have craved for. One of the biggest issues in schools, website like this are classes of students in a small area accessing the network through just a couple of wireless access points. If students are logging onto a server this can be extremely slow due to the lack of throughput (data transfer) from a lmited wireless bandwidth. A compromise is always needed to improve the connection such as having local logins rather than server homes, cough or making a specific computer image to make the best use of the network that is often going against what you are trying to achieve with technology, view reducing what is copied to the server in the case of OSX server, you can choose which folders are sychronised while Windows profiles are a different matter (if anyone wants more on this subject just make a comment). Can't Wait For Bureaucracy  digg:Apple Can't Wait For Bureaucracy  reddit:Apple Can't Wait For Bureaucracy