The purpose of Aus Mac Ed is to provide a hub for Australian educators using Macs and iPods to engage and facilitate the best educational outcomes for their students. Many Australian educators believe Apple supports the best in teaching and learning by developing innovative, sales flexible, and steadily updated technology solutions that address current educational philosophy. Building on more than 25 years of experience in education, Apple is fast becoming the optimal environment for preparing students for the 21st century. The goal of Aus MacEd is to establish a hub/magazine/think-tank for educators to support each other and to collaborate in the use of ICTs using Apple based products. Aus Mac Ed contributors are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc, they do so on a voluntary basis. Any affiliations must be declared at the end of all posts should this be the case.

If you use Macs and iPods within education please share these experiences with the Aus Mac Ed community and beyond. A lot of wise and stimulating discussion goes on behind email lists and AusMacEd intends to bring this discussion into a more public arena.


  • Provide technical assistance to other teachers and trainee practitioners specifically those using Macs and iPods
  • Discuss educational issues, particularly related to learning technology
  • Share discoveries, resources, accomplishments, excitement and areas of interest
  • Present ideas for integration of learning technology into the curriculum

All educators are welcome to make posts and to comment on the posts of others. Your professional execution of this freedom is asked for in return. After registration you will be enabled to comment on previous posts and to create your own posts. You might be inspired to write a post that could amount to 10 lines telling about a terrific website you know about and would like to share and discuss with fellow educators, or you might wish to share an opinion on using Apple ICTs in Education. You might even present a tutorial on something you are well versed in.

Here are five legitimate contenders for posts:

  1. - hyper links to new software or hardware that could enhance educational outcomes
  2. - a tutorial/how-to on any Mac or iPod related issue
  3. - a discussion on the role Apple ICTs can play in education
  4. - an upcoming Apple focussed ICT PD or workshop promotion
  5. - links to educators/students work

Here are five illegitimate contenders for posts:

  1. - long self-promotional prose on educational theory
  2. - items that discuss fellow authors employers with disregard
  3. - blatant advertisements
  4. - blatant self promotion
  5. - flame-posts

Top 5 tips for making blog post:

  • make the words in the title short sharp and to the point
  • cram the interesting parts of the post into the first 100 word; clever PHP cuts these 100 words off so you want your readers to click onto the rest of the post
  • add hyperlinks to the text to allow readers to quickly get to points of interest
  • add images and screencaps up to 100k to grab readers attention
  • sign off on your posts with your name and a hyperlink to your own blog/school

Maced Email list for Australian Macintosh Educators

If you require more direct support on using Macs or iPods in your school you may also like to consider joining the Maced email list run by Martin Levins. You can do so by filling in your details here.

Header photos

Many of the AusMacEd readers attend the Apple ITSC conference. If you get the chance on plane fights around Australia please take a photo out the window so we can use it in the rotating header image for AusMaced. As a multi-user blog for educators many of whom travel across this fanastic country by plane, it would be great to develop a collection of pictures from windows seats for the site header. There is a rotating image header PHP code to show a different picture when the pages are reloaded.

Site design

AusMacEd logoAus Mac Ed is maintained and in part designed by Paul Reid. Aus Mac Ed is powered by the fantastic blogging and content management system WordPress 2.0.6, and the design is the amazingly intuitive K2 theme and the smart K2 stylesheet 3 Column K2 by Bharath Kumar. And a whole slew of plugins. Aus Mac Ed is a work in progress and still needs some work on the back end. It is hoped we will also have webcasting and podcasting in the journey ahead. The AusMacEd logo combines Apple’s friendly Finder icon, the Apple logo, the southern cross and some green and yellow of the continents coastal strip and sand. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. A diclaimer and privacy page are included with the website and Aus Mac Ed is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.1 Australia License.

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