IT Survey of High School Students

In a school survey of all year 8 - 10 students at my school late last year I discovered the following:

  • 81% of our students had a portable mp3 player
  • The brand the majority of those students with mp3 players owned was the iPod (70%)

More of Blitto’s Survey Results:

  • 49. Do you have a computer at home? 91% yes
  • 50. Do you have Internet at home? 88% yes
  • 51. Do you have Broadband/ADSL Internet at home? 79% yes
  • 52. Do you have a portable mp3 music player? 81% yes
  • 53. Is your portable mp3 player an iPod? 70% yes
  • 54. Do you download/listen to Podcasts? 55% yes

An interesting little article on iPods for you:

The iPod is inching closer and closer to the roll of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). With that in mind, for sale let’s look at some of the things you might want to try using your own iPod or MP3 player outside of the usual look and listen. Note that while most of the suggestions below mention the Apple iPod, many of these options are still available for other MP3 player brands.”
Scroll down to “Feature story: Get more out of your iPod

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