Choose Your Own Adventure on an iPod

5773-15-1 When talking about wiki I always like to refer colleagues to the Terry The Tennisball Wiki by students of Grade 3-4 in Geelong in a fellow called Mr Pearce’s class. To my mind this wiki is in essence like a mini Choose Your Own Adventure story.
The CYOB format for storytelling is an engaging writing and reading literacy tool at teachers disposal. Students with iPods may be interested in downloading a free version of a story called ‘The Abominable Snowman’ from this website.

You head to the Himalaya in search of the mythical abominable snowman. But when your climbing partner Carlos goes missing, public health your search takes a very different turn.
* Read by series author and founder R. A. Montgomery
* Original text (116 pages)
* Exciting full color illustrations & sound effects
* Windows & Mac iPod compatible Your Own Adventure on an iPod  digg:Choose Your Own Adventure on an iPod  reddit:Choose Your Own Adventure on an iPod

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