Lego Digital Designer 1.6 for OS X

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There are many educational websites that become handy, pharm like for writing rubrics, or doing worksheets that come in handy.
Can anyone list some!
A new webcast around the topic of Mac computers begins on the 22nd of October. We hope you can join us for this weekly live webcast. The first skypecast show can be joined at the following link

More details on tuning into the webcast can be found at EdTech Talk.

World times

Join Jason Robertshaw and Brad Hicks for their first Macbridges webcast, stomach
join the discussion as we seek to define the directions MacBridges will take, help us create our manifesto!
I am a Project Developer at a City Learning Centre in North London who is currently delivering on a Masters course called the Transformation Teachers Programme. We currently have 35 teachers on the course, illness who come from 10 secondary schools, 4 special school and also involves a number of National Strategy consultants. The participants have all been challenged to investigate, through classroom based action research, how teaching and learning can be transformed enabled by digital media and the use of Web 2.0.

We decided to give the staff kit comprising of a Mac Book partitioned to provide both Mac and PC environments, a digital camera and tripod and a selection of software. As approx 90% of the group had never used Macs before, there was a real sense of excitement and concern when they got the kit.
We have established individual blogs for each participant so that they can blog their journey through the project but have also set up a number of blogs to draw out the experiences of the group. Our Apple Mac Blog will seek to explain how the macs can be used creatively in the classroom - the important element here is that these teachers are all so new to the Mac that it is refreshing to see how easy they are finding the transition from PC to Mac. There is also a blog to draw out possibilities for Assessment for Learning. Both these blogs are in their infancy but we are keen to establish international links to be able to both share our experiences and benefit from other peoples ideas so please visit the blogs and add comments or posts as you feel fit.

Google Maps link to where we are.
Lego Digital DesignerLego Digital Designer 1.6 is a free download for OS X. Students can design their own virtual Lego model in 3D. There is an option to order the exact set of bricks used in a students design over the Internet and build it in real life as well. To order these bricks could prove to be quite expensive, information pills
however as group project a few groups in a class may be a justifiable expense. Nonetheless, and
building with the virtual building software is, of course, free. From the Lego website:

Now at version 1.6, LEGO Digital Designer is quite simply the best virtual building system out there – with its “Click-Stick” method of 3D modeling winning praise from children, parents, teachers and design enthusiasts everywhere. And, as the virtual design platform behind a growing number of LEGO products, LEGO Digital Designer is here to stay. A host of improvements and new features are already in development, including an improved user interface, new connectivity, more life-like building, Technic compatibility and improved train building and animation. So stay tuned – with LEGO Digital Designer, the future is yours.

Further to this, at the the Lego Design School students can follow lessons to discover what it takes to build with the best of the lego building blocks. Digital Designer 1.6 for OS X  digg:Lego Digital Designer 1.6 for OS X  reddit:Lego Digital Designer 1.6 for OS X

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