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Hello world - AusMacEd has landed!

Inspired by the quotes below it is the intention of AusMacEd to bring attention to the good work being done by Australian Educators using Macintosh computers and Apple iPods. The goal of this website is to demonstrate that freedom to choose ICTs and device platforms results in the highest possible educational outcomes of their students.

“The question is not, orthopedist is it possible to educate all children well, but rather do we want to do it badly enough,”
- Deborah Mire

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change.”
- Charles Darwin

“Schools are the conservators of culture, so they are by nature institutions that don’t like change,”
- Marc Prensky

“We must overcome the awful inertia of past decades,”
- Michael Fullan, in ‘Results Now - Why and how schools don’t change’.

“We are the culture best prepared for the industrial revolution. The problem is we are living in the communications revolution.”
- Unknown

“We want to educate our students for their future not our past.”
- Unknown

“I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.”
- Steve Jobs, co-founder, Apple Computer, Newsweek, Oct. 29, 2001 world - AusMacEd has landed!  digg:Hello world - AusMacEd has landed!  reddit:Hello world - AusMacEd has landed!

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

AusMacEd logoWelcome to the internet Aus Mac Ed.

This is a test of the image upload function - this is a rough design of the AusMacEd logo.

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” Steve Jobs 2005 Hungry. Stay Foolish.  digg:Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.  reddit:Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Aus Mac Ed RSS Feeds

RSS subscriptionThere are a many ways to subscribe to RSS feeds.  AusMacEd uses RSS feeds to make it easier for busy educators to get a quick glimpse of topics of interest in their RSS readers.

Want to know what RSS feeds are:

In a world heaving under the virtual weight of billions of web pages, clinic keeping up with websites can be a chore. RSS feeds let you keep up to date with the latest info on all your favourite sites without having to take the trouble to visit them. In effect, hospital bits of their sites come to you instead.

You already know the web pages you like to visit – you probably have them in your browser’s “Favourites”. However, generic it is not easy to tell when they’ve been updated without visiting each one and checking. Computers, though, can tell when sites have been updated, using a feed.

An RSS feed is usually made up of a number of titles and short summaries of full content on the website that produced the feed. In other words, you can quickly look at the summaries and, at a glance, tell if you want to click through and visit the full version on the website. Plus, your computer will let you know when a new feed is available. And that’s what an RSS feed is – a summary of the latest content on a website so that you can see whether there is anything new or interesting available. Mac Ed RSS Feeds  digg:Aus Mac Ed RSS Feeds  reddit:Aus Mac Ed RSS Feeds